tangible costs of clutter ($$$) 

  • cost of repurchasing items you can't find
  • cost of paying late fees when bills aren't paid on time
  • cost of tax errors from not having all your documents because you don't know what you're missing
  • cost of available space to use for what matters most
  • cost of health issues pertaining to clutter buildup (ie. dust, insects, mold, etc.)
  • cost of repair values for letting things get out of hand
  • cost of eating out more because no room to cook
  • cost of unused food expiring because you don't know what you have
  • cost of extra storage space required because garage/attic/basement are full
  • cost of work suffering because you can't find anything you need to be productive (home offices)
  • cost of missed opportunities/ work promotions because of inferior productivity
  • stress over getting passport in time for a trip due to misplaced birth certificate or lost birth certificate
  • tax penalties due to delay in filing tax return 

intangible costs of clutter (emotions) 

  • cost of not inviting people over (socializing) due to embarrassment ie: C.H.A.O.S. “Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome”
  • cost of relationships suffering (family/ friends) - spouses arguing about clutter
  • kids resenting missed opportunities (field trip papers not turned in, etc.)
  • cost of own personal health from increased stress due to clutter
  • cost of negative self-talk (I can't do anything right...) - possible depression
  • cost of crushed dreams because you can't see the light anymore...