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Menu of Services

Real Estate Consultations

Consultations for moving/staging. Planning assistance for clients who want to work on their own. A take-away task list will be provided via email upon completion.


Organizing Consultations

One-hour in home consultation. Can do virtual consult to save money and get started quicker.


Average Clients

Clutter-busting, moving, packing, unpacking, staging. Focuses on individual needs, such as setting up functional spaces for business, personal, family or staging to sell. Minimum of four (4) hours. Focuses on removal of clutter from desired space, purging of unnecessary or unwanted objects and organizing a system that will work for lifestyle of client.  


Travel Time

Any client of considerable distance. To be decided with individual client situation. Generally hourly fee

 (varies) both ways


Extra hands and legs that get the job done in record time.

(college worker, assistant,---seasoned organizer). Pricing per hour with Myself and helper....Varies by type of helper needed. If more than one helper is needed hourly wage increases accordingly. 

$135-$155.00 per hour

***Payment due at time of service. Check, Venmo, Credit Card or Cash Accepted***