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Over six years ago we moved to our home. We had a 3 1/2 year old, an almost 2 year old and we were expecting baby #3.

We literally moved in the day we brought baby #3 home from the hospital.

Life was extremely busy and it continues to be busy today.

Everything has been dumped in the basement the past 6 years and we kept saying we have to clean it up but the days go on....

It was such a mess I hated for anyone to even see it...

My Mom called me last week and said, "I called an organizer to help with your basement." This sent me into an anxiety attack!!! How can an organizer help this mess and I was going to be forced to make decisions 😳

Well Get Organized With Maria showed up at my house last Friday and I couldn’t be happier!!

We now have an organized basement and I can now breathe ❤️

Happy Mom of Three

Maria, you were my rock! I can’t thank you enough for not only providing just a “service." You were a therapist and friend. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you. Moving out of the house that I lived in for 19 years is not an easy task. However, you are patient, fast and helped me get ready to move. You were flexible with your schedule and calmed me down when I had anxiety. Thank you again! and look forward working with you again!

Lynn Gellman, Terrific in Teaneck

I have used get organized several times in the past. Maria is just so efficient, she wastes no time and gets right to work. She knows what she’s doing, and helps the homeowner not feel so overwhelmed by the job. Totally reliable, trustworthy, fair and honest. I would highly recommend her!

Sue B. Happy from "Home Advisor"

I met Maria months ago and told her how badly I needed her help in my home. The time finally came! We have a spare bedroom that is supposed to be my office and a guest room, but turned into the dumping ground for our "memories" and spare junk. After a few hours of hard work and decision making, our room went from a hoarding ground to a functional inviting room. I can't wait to work in this clean space! Thank you to Maria and Joanne for their hard work and for digging me out.

Thrilled in Tewksbury

I cannot thank Maria for all of her help and good cheer. She took a job that was overwhelming and made it manageable. She is Pleasant and tireless to work with. Maria, I am thankful to now be organized. You are the very best!

Sue M. in Basking Ridge

Fingers crossed our house sale goes through! We got asking price offer 48 hours after listing!!! Thx for your help... we’ve been maintaining all u taught us! @ least until we move - than all hoarding/messiness might resume. :)

Staging Success

Maria and Joann were spot on! Showed up right on time and went right to work. Transformed my daughter's basement in just a few hours. I would highly recommend them!

Shelley R. Glad in Glen Gardner

Organizing a long-neglected area can be overwhelming because of the need to make choices about what to keep, what to get rid of and how to dispose of what we no longer needed. With practical insight and wisdom, Maria helped me make these decisions quickly and without regret. Maria took a dreaded project and turned into a rewarding and pleasant experience!

Sharon, Well in Watchung

Thank you so much again for all of your help! You took years of burden and stuff I no longer needed. Can’t wait to get my new house organized. 

So thankful down the shore :)

You are a genius! The house looks amazing! And...they feel like you were absolutely wonderful to work with throughout the whole process. I can't believe you got so much done so fast! Thank you so much for your great work. I will look forward to an opportunity to work with you again soon!

Chantal Konicek, CRS, e-PRO Berkshire Hathaway HSNJP Sales Associate

I can't thank you enough for the time and energy you put into helping us move my mother last weekend. My wife and I could not have done this without your help. Your attention to detail in both packing and unpacking her belongings was meticulous...but the one thing that was even more precious was the attention and love you shared with Mom.

There are many companies that offer the same services you do. What they don't have, however, is your unique ability to give each individual the kind of attention they need. This gift is what separates you from the rest and there is no way to put a price tag on it.

Scott Strenger, Happy Client

Thank you for doing another great job organizing for me! You are fast and you make organizing fun!!! I highly recommend Maria for any and all organizing jobs!

Sherry, Basking Ridge

Maria is a godsend. I was very sick with a severe case of pneumonia and high fever during my move. Not only did she organize and pack up my three-story condo, she flew to Florida with me, found a doctor for me, and then handled every detail of my move, putting up shelves and artwork and unpacking my belongings. I've never met such a hard worker. Not only is she a perfectionist when it comes to organizing, she is more importantly a caring woman who I now call my friend. I even brought her back to Florida several weeks later because I don't trust anyone else like I trust her. There is not another professional organizer with her skill set.

Bonnie, Boca Raton, Florida

My wife and I have worked with Maria and Esther. They are both great! We absolutely could not have completed a down-size from a 10-room house to a 2BR apartment without Maria's help, and will definitely work with her again for our next move.

Bill, North Plainfield

Whenever Maria comes to town, things get done. Maria is amazing! She comes into a room that is a mess and organizes it in no time. Her skills to create a functional, efficient space never ceases to amaze me. No challenge is too great for her. Her talents are endless. Whether it's using a drill or decorating a room, Maria is second to none! She is a workhorse! If you feel overwhelmed, call Get Organized With Maria. You will be so glad you did! My world has never been the same!

Ecstatic in Essex

So grateful for you, Maria! I tried and failed for two years to de-clutter and organize my study and our basement --until you walked through our doors! Thank you for your diverse organizing skills, your patience, and your hard work!

Melissa, Basking Ridge

My parents were moving into a retirement community and I was, along with my father, trying to downsize their home and art belongings. I got to a point that I felt simply overwhelmed and frantic. I searched extensively for someone to help. Thankfully, I found Maria! She was my “angel” during that difficult time. Maria showed up and immediately made a plan of action. All her methods were so fast, so smart. Right away I could see that things were going to be okay. Maria helped us tremendously with organizing the move, hiring an estate sale company, downsizing and packing. She took extra care with my mother who has dementia and had the most difficult time parting with things and moving in general. Maria also paid special attention to valuable/delicate objects, packing them herself, to be sure nothing was damaged. I cannot recommend Maria highly enough. Every aspect of her work is superb. 

Sandra N.

Thanks so much Maria! The playroom is no longer overwhelming and the children love it. It's like they have all new toys. I love the extra counter space, the empty desk, the hidden toys in the cabinet and the organized pantry!!! Thank you so much!!!

Happy Young Mom in Basking Ridge

Maria's help was life-changing. She kept me on task, making decisions, and organized my house and office from top to bottom. Her help and guidance through the process was invaluable. I've already recommended her to several of my friends and two of them have hired her with the exact same results. She's amazing!

Rallied in Rutherford

Maria is easy and a pleasure to work with. She makes the process of decluttering painless. She works at a quick, but comfortable pace, allowing so much to be accomplished in a short time. Maria has helped to improve the organization of our home and all of my family members benefit! Each time she left my house, I felt so grateful for the time and money spent on getting organized.

Lydia, Basking Ridge

Maria is a godsend. She instinctively brought organization into the mayhem of moving into a new home. Maria motivated me to find a practical location for all our items and provided creative ideas for organization. In what seemed like the twinkling of an eye, she had my home neat and organized. Her wealth of experience and upbeat attitude made the task seem like a breeze and, for the first time, I moved into a new home without having unpacked boxes hanging around for weeks afterward. As a mother, I am vigilant about who is in my home, and I would recommend Maria without hesitation as a trustworthy, reliable, resourceful and pleasant professional. I have and will continue to recommend Maria to my friends because she provides a valuable and quality service.

Gillian, NJ

It took us years to try to accomplish what Maria did in 5 hours! She is so energetic and a delight to work with! Maria and the two young men who worked with her were fabulous. We got rid of so much junk! Our basement and garage are now clean and organized. I highly recommend Maria!

Anonymous, Basking Ridge

Maria is amazing! Purge and declutter with great company. The weight is lifted without ever looking back. So happy with the results. Love my house again. Truly life-changing!

Blessed in Bergen County

We certainly could not have done it without you. I imagine many organizers would not have been up to the task. We appreciate you sticking with us so gracefully and it looks like everything is getting done on schedule. Amazing! You have been a blessing to us.

Janet, Chatham

Maria helped me organize my kitchen after a renovation. From there, we went through my whole house! Her strategies and ideas have withstood the test of time and continue to keep me organized! The Shelf Genie products made my existing cabinet space much more useful and convenient. It's a great product!

Beth, Mendham

Some words to describe Maria, psychologist, motivator, speedy organizer, interior decorator, energizer, efficiency expert, multi-tasker, considerate, easy to work with, results-oriented. We needed to get our house decluttered and in perfect staging order to sell it and our house was under contract and finished attorney review in six days. I cannot think of a better result occurring.

Moving Madness into Happy Homeowner

Maria is terrific at what she does, and she does a lot! From organizing to packing to selling. She is also a great resource for many domestic issues. I would certainly recommend her!

"Happy In Town"

A HUGE shout-out to Maria Pascale, owner of Get Organized With Maria. She was able to squeeze in a complete reorganization/clean out of my basement yesterday. All done in five hours! I assumed I would be a prisoner in my basement--going through things, throwing things out, reorganizing, moving things. Not with Maria! In a blink, she got right to work while I went to the market before the snow started. When I got back, she had everything ready for me to go through. I will now be using her to organize spaces as needed in my house. I thought it would cost a fortune. But, to my delight, it was reasonable and WORTH EVERY PENNY. If you ever considered using Maria's services, don't delay. Call today!

Moving Made Easy, Chatham

If you are looking for a low-stress way to move homes, I highly recommend Get Organized With Maria! I've always dreaded packing and moving. So when our family of four faced a relocation from New Jersey to Puerto Rico in just three short weeks, I knew we needed help. Maria made this the easiest move of my life! She has processes that help you decide what items to donate or give away. We tackled those boxes of old high school memories with ease and created organized memory bins for each of my children. Maria safely and expertly packed our belongings and labeled items to make unpacking a breeze. Simply put, Maria is a born organizer and I'm so happy we hired her!

Kristin, Basking Ridge

In the twelve years I have known and worked with Maria, she has helped me organize every aspect of my house and my life. She has saved me countless hours of time and frustration as she meticulously cleaned and decluttered the home I share with my husband, three active boys and two dogs. From garages to basements to kitchens to bedrooms, she's done it all for me. Maria has also helped with projects such as Christmas clean-up and getting our beach house ready for the season. Not only is Maria punctual, professional and extremely efficient, she is also a wonderful person to work with and to know. She is kind and caring, and has an amazing ability to solve problems large and small. She is an exceptionally hard worker and won't stop until you are completely happy with the job she has done. I would highly recommend Maria to organize any type of home or business setting. She is the woman you want on your team as she will be sure to get the job completed with exceptional diligence and efficiency.

Susan, Harding Township, NJ

Maria's help was invaluable in packing up our home for moving. So much so we also had her help unpack and organize our new place. She has creative ideas, is focused and gets the job done quickly and effectively. We highly recommend her.

Heather and David, Basking Ridge

Maria was a lifesaver. A friend of my mom told us about her when we were about to extend the closing date of our home. There was no way we were getting out of our home on time. Maria made the impossible possible. Brought help. Cleared the clutter. Carefully packed what mattered, emptied the attic and overall brought calm to the chaos of our move. I don't know what we would have done without her.

""Thankful in Long Valley"

It was great working with Maria as a senior preparing for college. In 3 1/2 hours, we purged two closets, a dresser, a huge pile of sweaters, changed out summer to fall, and organized my bathroom and my jewelry collection! Time to go shopping!

Megan, Mendham

Maria did an incredible job of helping me to purge, organize and pack 18 years of accumulation in preparation for a move. She was so pleasant to work alongside, efficient, energetic and resourceful! She was a godsend!

"Cluttered in Green Village"

I found Maria and was embarrassed and insecure about calling a professional into my insanity. However, I needed help. Maria was amazing--no judgment, just help. Do you need it? Is it helpful? Why are you holding onto it? In a matter of days, Maria had me letting go and celebrating my organization. She's an amazing organizer, but also understands why we are unorganized. She can put a room together, gather and purge what we don't need and make it fun. I am so happy to have found her and I am thankful to call her friend and organizer.

Christine, Essex County

Choose Maria to organize your home!!!! Give yourself a treat and peace of mind! That's how I felt after having her to help me get organized.

Rosie, Teaneck

I couldn't walk into my basement and now I can! My four kids' clothes were all over the place and I couldn't find anything and now they are where they are supposed to be. I can actually get them dressed easily. In three visits, my basement, master bedroom, closet and children's rooms and closets are in order! Heading to the kitchen next!

Sally, Bernards Township

Maria reminds me of a personal trainer for killing clutter (instead of fat)! Awesome!


I first met Maria when I moved from my house to three small rooms in an assisted living building. She advised me about what I should take after looking at a floor plan, and packed everything fast and carefully. Not one thing was damaged. She hired a mover and, when I walked into my three rooms, everything was in place. My clothes were all hung in a color arrangement, some wall hangings were up and she put the rest up where I suggested. She didn't waste one minute and amazed me with her strength and efficiency. Her help didn't stop there: she has since found a buyer for some things I wanted to sell. She is a lovely, young lady and we have become very good friends.

Marge, Bernardsville

Recently, my 94 year-old aunt had to move from her home of 52 years into an assisted living facility. It was a bittersweet transition, but Maria made possible what would otherwise have been completely overwhelming. Maria really listens! She sat with my aunt and was able to discern what was most important to her. She accommodated my aunt's sometimes eccentric preferences and her changing her mind, while keeping the process moving forward. Maria not only organized the move, but all the estate sale arrangements and cleanup necessary to get the house ready for new owners. We couldn't have done this without her diligence and compassion. 

Van (Marge's nephew)

I can't possibly thank you enough for everything you did to make it possible for us to move. I know I could never have managed to do it without you. First decluttering the whole house to make it presentable for showing and the purging the basement and attic of so much unwanted and UNNEEDED 'stuff.' Finally packing and getting rid of more 'extra weight' for our move! You have a gift, making it almost fun to go through an otherwise completely stressful time. Thank you very much.

Kris Feeney

I don't know what I would do without Maria! We moved twice and both times she helped unpack my house and organize in just days. She worked and worked until everything had a place. She took charge and got the job done so quickly, yet was respectful and asked for our opinions of what would work best for us. Not only is she a quick worker, but she also has an eye and the experience to know where things should go to make life easier and more organized around the kitchen and every room of the house. She is respectful of people's privacy and property and is the only person I would allow to come into my house and organize for me. THANK you, Maria, for all your help. I'm so thankful for you.

Jodi, Long Island, NY

Maria is great! She is my 'right hand person' to go to for organizing! She is very professional and knows exactly how to tackle any organizing issues big or small. Having a spouse with hoarding issues and toddlers, I wouldn't be able to organize without her. She has dramatically improved our living space and knows how to tackle even the most challenging situations methodically and professionally. I highly recommend her!

Anonymous, Summit

I give Maria Pascale my highest and most enthusiastic endorsement. Maria has worked with me on many levels: as an employee, volunteer, and in her capacity as a professional organizer. I have always been extremely satisfied with her work.

Peter, NJ

Maria, you have inspired me just by discussing your organizing ideas. I have always been organized and can now continue on a new level. Your help in updating my daughter's room was quick and fun. You are the Makeover Queen!

Sue, Bernards Township

As a business owner of Allure Day Spa and Salon, I would like to speak on behalf of Maria Pascale. Maria has been my personal organizer for my business for the past five years. As my business has grown, my needs for her services have also grown. With a staff of 15 employees, weekly payroll, monthly billing, filing, and maintenance, as well as being a single mother of two, I am continuously challenged to stay on top of everything.

I don't know where I would be without Maria's help. Whether at home or work, I am able to function free of the stress of not knowing where things are when I need them. I know I can depend on Maria to come into the salon and bring things back into order quickly and efficiently. I call on her monthly to organize my business and personal needs.

She has been there for me through the sale and move of my home of 20 years. Not only did I not have to take any time from work in the process, but was settled into my new home in two days. No boxes and pictures on the walls. Maria has been a true blessing with so many stressful changes in my life. I couldn't have done it without her. She is a take-charge type of person without being intrusive. She is great at helping you to purge what is unnecessary in your life, while still being sensitive in honoring personal keepsakes.

In closing, I'd like to add that recently I had a computer glitch and needed to reenter last year's financials on my QuickBooks file that had been deleted by mistake. With Maria's help, my entire payroll, banking, bill and invoices were located and reentered into the system with ease. My bookkeeper was completely impressed. What could have been a nightmare was taken care of without concern. Thanks to Maria...All was well.

I highly recommend Maria for all of your organization needs!

Monica, West Caldwell, NJ

Maria has organized our family for more than 10 years. I first hired her during a move in 2000. I dreaded moving. It would take months to get everything out of boxes, and I always ended up with a pile that didn't belong anywhere.

Maria worked for our family by taking over the move, from hiring the moving company to getting the Salvation Army to take away what we no longer wanted/needed. Once the boxes were in the trucks, she went to the home we were moving to. Maria barely needed us. We left Maria in charge of moving while we went out to get away from the hassle.

We never had to miss a day of work due to the move. I will never forget going to work one day after the moving trucks left. Eight hours later, I walked into my house and it looked like a home!!

These days, Maria comes for spring as well as fall organizing. I can call her a month later and she remembers where everything is! Most recently, she organized bills and other paper clutter in my home as well as in my office. I cannot live without Maria.

Yolanda Navarrete, Morristown, NJ

We have hired Maria on more than one occasion. Every time, I would work alongside her just to watch what she did. I love that she taught me how to do what sometimes seemed impossible to me. She has a practical organizing style and I could really keep up whatever she had done. Maria is thorough and completely reasonable. My husband still notices Maria's influence in some of the things I do around the house. She's fantastic!

Forget the spa and fancy shopping you think will get you in a better state of mind. Maria truly understands that it's more than just getting rid of the mess in your house. She understands the emotional aspect of getting organized. Hire Maria. You won't regret it.

UPDATE: What I learned from Maria changed my life. She made sense of everything I ever wanted in organizing and then made it my own. When I moved this summer, my house was unpacked in the first week and I was having company by week two. That happened because of what I learned from working beside Maria years ago. I often ask myself, 'What would Maria do?' I kid you not!!

Camelia, North Plainfield, NJ

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