Get Organized With Maria


The PRocess

“Whether you have a small closet or a whole house fix.
Whether you are moving or need help to stay.
Order is a phone call away!"

1. Begins with a consultation. Can be done in person or virtually.

We will discuss why you are reaching out, What are your goals? Are you being prompted by Stress, A move, Life Transition? We will assess your space (Don’t clean before I get there!) I need to see what is and is not working for you and understand how you are currently functioning so I can create a plan of action to move forward.

2. Purchase Containers

With our plan of action and taking into consideration your personality as well as whether you like hidden or open storage, we can help you choose and purchase organizational containers. We will choose together what is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for your space.

3. Once we are prepared it is TIME TO ORGANIZE!

With a customized plan of action that fits your needs.

We will come to your home or office and roll up our sleeves. Without judgment, we will sort, purge, clean, and organize. You can expect to laugh a lot, maybe shed a tear but most of all feel a great deal of satisfaction. You will have a complete and final say on all decisions. We will assist in coordinating Donation pick up as well as garbage removal and whenever able can deliver donations for you. We can help with simple assembly and installations as well.

There will be continued telephone or email support and of course, this all comes with 100% Confidentiality As a member of NAPO following (NAPO Code of Ethics) 

how we help

Get Organized With Maria

Saving you time!

"Sometimes people move themselves. Everything gets dumped in the garage or common area. If you don't call us first, call us second and we will unpack every box and find the right home for your belongings. Clients say: " What you did in hours would have taken us months to accomplish"

New furniture? We can help!

Sometimes clients order new furniture online and its delivered in boxes. No time or patience to put it together? We can help. Put the shelving, Desk, you name it together so you don't have to. Getting organized and staying organized is so much easier when you have a place to put your possessions.

working on shoot staging for Christmas Tree shop commercial

Office Before and after

So often we have piles of “To Do’s” or our office just becomes another place to dump what we are not sure of what to do with. Just another way we help you “Bring Order To Your World”

In this case there were important papers to file, Memory bins to be made, Returns to manage and much to put in its proper place. What makes sense to you guides our process. Making success in maintaining order possible!

Closet Before and after

Sometimes a client needs a reset. To go through everything they have and make the tough decisions of what to Keep, Donate and sometimes toss! Putting everything away in a logical way. One that can be maintained in line with your lifestyle is our goal for you.

Gym Transformation

This client had a huge storage room full of years of accumulated stuff. Parents, kids, you name it. Desiring a healthier lifestyle began with clearing out the clutter. The end result was magnificent and life changing!

Before and after tool room

This client wanted to surprise her husband for Father's day. Surprised and thankful he was. While he started off having a place for everything. He found himself with tools left in all the wrong places. We came in and quickly found all the pieces to this puzzle so he could once again tinker, fix and create without frustration. We added some more organization methods and subtracting a little so there was no worry that anything was lost in the process.

Before and after playroom

For some clients it's a seasonal thing. Kids grow, toys break, interests and hobbies change. With a little update of what these children want and don’t want. We were able to come in and find all the missing pieces and bring this playroom back to a place that can be played in. So whether you want an HGTV playroom complete with shelving and labeled bins or just an area that needs to be fun and functional. We have you covered!

Before & After On A Women's closet

Getting Ready for a new baby

Getting ready for new baby. This closet was being used for an older child and for storage. Mom was due any day and too busy with school age children to move the rooms and make the change. Within hours everything was done as well as the closets of older siblings. The best news was only days later when baby was born with no extra stress of needing order in the home :)

Craft room before and after with wrapping closet 

After Pictures of a man cave

Framed and hung shirts (on slanted ceiling!) + Hung fun shelves around chimney for Baseballs = Happy Husband

Men like an organized closet too!

Quick decluttering, purging, and organization. Ready to go back to work!

This client is a seasonal client.

We come in at the change of seasons, go through everything, and set her up fresh. Quick and easy maintenance!

Before & After On An Attic 

This client was moving and needed the attic cleaned out fast. Years of memories and clutter. Sorted, Packed, Donated, and Cleaned! Ready for Moving Day. No Worries!

Seasonal Garage quick fix!

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